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The Life and Death of Jack Straw

The Life and Death of Jack Straw, by anonymous, was produced by Bad Quarto Productions in 2016, and opened on 5 November 2016 in New York City. The Life and Death of Jack Straw was directed by Tony Tambasco.


Director Tony Tambasco
Asst. Director Alex Dabertin
Costumer Joanne Famiglietti
Artistic Director Tony Tambasco
Artistic Associates Alex Dabertin, Courtney M. McClellan, Andre Silva
General Manager Joanne Famiglietti
Photographer James M. Smith
Cynthia Alice Lord Morton / Tax Collector
Alexis Ebers Gentleman Usher / Sir John Newton
Katie Fanning Wat Tyler / County Salisbury
Courtney M. McClellan Lord Mayor / The Queen Mother
Madeleine Morrell Nobs
Katharine Nedder Lord Treasurer / Hob Carter
James Overton Parson Ball / Spencer / Flemming
Maria Pleshkevich King Richard II
Alanah Rafferty Lord Secretary, Tom Miller
Andre Silva Jack Straw / Archbishop
Citizens, messengers, Lords, attendants, soldiers, and guards played by members of the company


Bad Quarto Productions is devoted to creating performance contexts as well as performances, and to that end, we offer the following documents from The Life and Death of Jack Straw for perusal. If there's anything you'd like to review that you don't find here, please feel free to contact us.


A pdf copy of the production program.


A jpg copy of the production poster.

Press Release

The Life and Death of Jack Straw press release, on Broadway World

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"Jack Straw: A Literary Prequel and a Plea"

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